Founder of Firm:
Vitaliy Khavkin – Managing Partner

Recipient of the «Honorable Advocate» award. Carries out protection on preliminary investigation and in court of crimes accused of fulfillment on criminal cases. Represent the interests of clients in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction on various categories of cases. Represented interests of: Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation on the President’s elections (1996, 2000);



«Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to qualified legal assistance». art. 48 Constitution of the Russian Federation

«Lawyer's activity is a qualified legal assistance, being performed by a professional lawyer of the Bar. The fundamental objective of this assistance is representation and protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of the people and companies». art. 1 Federal Law "Legal proffesion and lawyer' activity".

Law Firm «Khavkin and partners» is created in 1996.

Our Law Firm is pre-eminent among companies practicing in the areas of financial and corporate law and litigation and offering legal support to businesses and individual engaged in commercial activities. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, we have built a reputation for the highest quality of legal work and dedication to our clients.


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